19 January-31 December 2021
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Virginia RAGGI

About me


Virginia Raggi was born in Rome on July 18, 1978. She is the first woman to serve as Mayor of the Capital, elected on June 19, 2016. She is a lawyer. She graduated in Law at the University of Roma Tre with a thesis on "Criminal liability for the content of electronic communications in the convergence system". As a professional, she has dealt with civil, judicial and extrajudicial law, paying special attention to copyright, intellectual property and new technologies. In this respect, she has also published several works in the journal "Diritto dell'Informazione e dell'Informatica" (Information and IT Law). In 2007 she was appointed lecturer for the subject at the University of Rome "Foro Italico". In 2011 she began her commitment as an activist in the Five Star Movement, founding the group of the movement in the XIV Municipio. In 2013 she was elected to represent the Movement at the Capitoline Assembly. During her mandate as city councillor, she follows the work of the Culture, Work, Youth Policies and School Commission, as well as the activities of the Social and Health Policies Commission. She has paid attention to the themes of transparency, participation, budget consolidation and sustainability since the very beginning of her mandate. She firmly believes in lawfulness, a value which must be nurtured daily and concretely by fighting the mafias and criminal groups that have spoiled the civil life of the city for years. In this respect, many results have been achieved under her Administration. In November 2018, 8 cottages belonging to the Casamonica clan were demolished and cleared, resulting in the most impressive operation against crime ever carried out by the White Helmets of Rome. Further investigation led to the arrest of one of its historical leaders, Luciano Casamonica, and 22 other members of the clan. In April 2019 the Italian Supreme Court reiterated that the Casamonica clan is "a mafia-type association". In July 2019 the agents of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome execute an order of confiscation aimed at seizing Guido Casamonica's property. Another historic sentence is pronounced on September 24, 2019, this time against the Spada clan. The three regents of the clan, Carmine, Roberto and Ottavio Spada, are sentenced to life imprisonment by the judges of the Court of Assizes, finally recognising the mafia-type criminal conspiracy. Virginia Raggi had already denounced the clan of the Roman coast in 2017, during the election campaign in Ostia, publicly pronouncing the name of the Spada clan and standing alongside honest citizens. The objectives of the administration are the fight against illegal building, the implementation of regular and transparent contracts, the promotion of meritocracy and the development of the territories, with one, simple mission: defending Rome and its citizens. The administration has worked with this same spirit to reduce the pre-existing debt, by successfully approving the budgets of Roma Capitale for three years within the timeframe of the law, a result never achieved before. The administration also works to rehabilitate subsidiary companies. An example of such work is Atac, the largest European public transport company, whose relaunch has saved 11 thousand jobs and allowed the renewal of the bus fleet, with around 700 new buses expected by 2021. Thanks to the #StradeNuove project, 1 million square metres of roads have been repaved during its term of office, which is the equivalent of 150 football pitches. #RomaDecide is another project, the first participatory budgeting experience, with citizens being able to choose how to invest 20 million euros in urban decorum. There are also several initiatives for the redevelopment of the territories, such as "ReinvenTIAMO Roma" (Let’s Reinvent Rome), whose aim is to develop a plan for urban regeneration by enhancing abandoned spaces through innovative projects. A gentle revolution that puts the exclusive interest of people at the heart of the process.

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