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/ 01 Sep, 2021
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Konin Invest Park - Pociejewo

Konin is located in central Poland on the Warsaw-Berlin route and the modernized Berlin-Moscow railway line. Today, it is a centre facing social, economic and energy changes linked to the transition from coal-fired power to renewable energy and the latest technologies.
The City goal is to create Konin as a place where the energy of modern, environmentally friendly technologies and energy of interpersonal relations, creativity and enterpreneurship pulsates. A city where the energy of people connects with the energy of nature. In order to achive this vision, we strive to be a leader of the energy transformation in Poland, using the modern economy and renewable energy.
The city provides up to 10 years of exemption from property tax and corporation tax on the basis of current regulations on the Polish Investment Zone. Konin is a place where it is easier to recruit qualified workers who are educated at higher vocational universities, as well as in key fields of vocational education for the labour market. A rail transhipment terminal is also planned in the city. The city is looking for a private investor to carry out this investment under public-private partnership. The construction of the warehouse and logistics complex by Panattoni has now begun. Konin can soon become a significant logistics center in Poland and Europe.
One of the elements of the city's development strategy is the development of the island of Pociejewo, where at a depth of 2660 m water (chloride-sodium type) with a record temperature in the 97.5ºC reservoir was discovered. The heating system will eventually heat not only the apartments of the residents, but also the planned thermal baths. The entire investment will cost almost PLN 46 million net. Construction is expected to be completed in 2022.
Planned urban investments are: On the basis of the urban concept, the planned facilities with the participation of the investors are: 
  • spa pools with an area of 12.5 with a wide range of water attractions,
  • spa area of 2 thousand sq.m. as a medical treatment centre of a spa with 50 surgeries and "one-day clinic",
  • hotel with an area of 3.2 thousand sq.m. for 120 guests located near the spa with its own parking and restaurant,
  • „Zdrojowa” Gallery as a service and commercial space on an area of at least 24 thousand sq.m. with parking for 1 thousand parking spaces,
  • a 16.7 thousand sq.m. arena for 3,000 viewers.
It is worth noting that the island of Pociejewo - although it is located in the city center, which is a great transport asset - at the same time is located in the beautiful Warta Valley. In close proximity to the island there is also one of the largest amphitheatres in Poland, where the well-known in Europe and the world international children's festival of song and dance took place. The amphitheatre is surrounded by greenery, with access to walking trails and beach volleyball courts. The aforementioned footbridge will connect one of the larger settlements in the city with the island. Thanks to this, one of the most beautiful walking routes in Poland will be created.
In the coming years, Konin will be a good destination for those who want to place their funds in larger investments. It is worth to visit the city and find out.

Construction of a geo-heating plant
In the very center of the city, on the island of Pociejewo, in 2015-2016 a geothermal borehole was made to a depth of 2660 m. Thermal water with the highest temperature in Poland 97.5ºC was extracted. This is where the construction of a geothermal heating plant is being prepared. This will be the third heat-producing source for the city, based on renewable energy sources.
Characteristics of geothermal water in Konin
From the first geothermal well GT-1 it appears that in Konin there are deposits of geothermal waters with the best parameters in Poland (water temperature about 97,5°C, appropriate salinity), diluted brine of this type is recommended for use in the form of medicinal baths. A 2015 assessment by the State Department of Hygiene of the physico-chemical and chemical properties of water drawn from the GT-1 hole in Konin at a depth of about 3000m showed that the water temperature is about 97.5°C and contains a significant amount of dissolved minerals with a quantitative advantage of sodium chlorides. Of the ingredients with medicinal properties, they occur in a significant concentration of iodines. According to balneological criteria, water from this well was classified as 15% chloride-sodium brine, iodide, hyperosmotic, thermal brine. Brine of this type is recommended for use in the form of medicinal baths, but in concentrations from 2 - 5%. In cases of special medical (dermatological) indications, baths with higher concentrations of 10 - 12% are used. The use of brine from the GT-1 hole in Konin for therapeutic baths in swimming pools would require dilution to a concentration of 1 - 1.5%. The unique value of this water is its high temperature. Due to the high concentration of salt, this brine can be used as a cosmetic agent for the preparation of baths.
Obtaining spa status based on geothermal water deposits
The City of Konin is making efforts to obtain the status of a spa which could allow to provide spa treatment in Konin, based on the technical and local base of the unused part of the Regional Hospital. Natura 2000 area of several hectares, where the island of Pociejewo with its geothermal water deposites is located, makes it possible to designate the required spa protection zones.
The city has established a partnership with the Regional Government of Wielkopolska, in order to create a spa base in the unused part of the local hospital in Konin. These premises, as well as the adjacent garden in the Warta Valley, would be an ideal location for spa infrastructure.
The city is looking for an investor who, as part of a public-private partnership, or independently builds a hotel, swimming pools, park with graduation towers and spa resort. In this way Konin wants to become a full-fledged spa in 3 years, which will further promote the so-called ecological salon of the city, which is to become the island of Pociejewo. The city is considering future locations for further geothermal plants, because the geothermal potential in this area is very high.
Park with graduation towers and beach
Nearby the geo-heating plant, at the eastern end of the island of Pociejewo, in the years 2021-2023 a park with graduation towers will be created. This will be one of the elements of the whole project of the City under the name "Green city corridors - climatic awakening in Konin". Its main objective is to adapt the city to climate change, by introducing green-blue infrastructure and giving the city a new, ecological character, supporting the health of its inhabitants. The project, together with all the infrastructure, will create a green corridor to connect green urban spaces in different parts of the city.
In the park there will be plantings (grasses, trees), benches with pots for greenery, baskets for segregation of garbage, a resting place for cyclists, graduation towers, cottages for insects, butterflies and birds. The project also includes adaptations for people with special needs and the creation of a rainwater irrigation system. Next to the park and the footbridge, there will be a city beach.
The city plans to build in 2022-2023 a footbridge, which will connect part of Konin inhabited by about 40 thousand inhabitants with the river island of Pociejewo.  This will create one of the most beautiful lowland walking routes in Poland located in Natura 2000 areas.  The footbridge will run on green areas along the Valley of the Warta River. The project includes the construction of a frame footbridge for pedestrians, the construction of two ramps providing access to the footbridge, the construction of walking and cycling paths, the installation of solar lighting and the installation of drainage system on the footbridge.

Planned facilities with the participation of the investor – on the basis of the existing concept:
• Spa pools of 12,500 m² with a wide range of water attractions,
• SPA with an area of 2 000 m² as a center of medical treatments spas with 50 offices and a "clinic one day",
• 3,200 m² hotel for 120 guests located near the SPA, with its own car park and restaurant, 
• „Zdrojowa” Gallery as a service and commercial space on an area of at least 24,000 m² with parking for 1000 parking spaces,
• 16,700 m² event and sports hall for 3,000 spectators.
Description of the status of the existing development
The national road (DK 92) connecting Warsaw and Poznan passes through the island. This route binds two parts of the city at the same time. In agreement with the investor on the national road, the City will plan the construction of a roundabout that will allow direct entry and exit from the eastern part of the island of Pociejewo.  Planning permission has already been obtained for the construction of a foot-bike bridge. In this way, the investment areas located on the island will be integrated into the city's transport system.
The area is equipped with all utilities (water, sewerage, gas and electricity) and connected by asphalt internal roads. Due to the large range of investments, this infrastructure will have to be adapted to the new needs and requirements of investors. Pociejewo Island is a unique place away from residential development, which will avoid possible social conflicts when it is developed.


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