19 January-31 December 2022
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Product Description

SVN is more than a source of real estate properties and clients, having a combined experience of the team of more than 12 years in the market, as well as a proven record of success, hands-on experience and superior knowledge within our asset class.
Translating our Global Network Knowledge to Local Maximised Value – At SVN® Romania we think global presence by itself it's not enough in order to create local value. The key is to adapt our network know-how to the local market differences and to maximize knowledge transfer across Romania's top cities. By adopting a holistic, sustainable approach, which is more than a "sum of the parts", we are developing in SVN Romania the high-level technical knowledge and insight needed to prepare and implement effective strategies and navigate the complex commercial & residential environment in which we operate.

Having various lines of business allows us to see things in perspective, the big picture revealing itself in a natural way.
  • Local Maximised Value
  • Global Network Knowledge 
  • Shared Value
  • Sustainable Approach 
  • Next Level Tech
  • Enhanced Experience
SVN Romania
SVN Romania
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