19 January-31 December 2022
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Product Description

BTDConstruct & Ambient is a 100% Romanian General Constructions Company, that was created in 2013. Our company also provides medium and high-end interior design services. The team of specialists at BTD set off with the desire to build around a simple concept: the detail that reconfigures the space. With each project, the initial idea became the beacon that guided our activity across the years. Since the begining, we keep feeding into the motivation to exceed the limits of the plans and to think of creative solutions for achievement. From the sketch stage to the moment of inaugurating any project, our vision is to go Beyond the details, to the full interest of our beneficiaries.

BTD’s mission is to build responsibly and sustainable with attention to quality, endurance and design. We think and build projects in the atmosphere of our generation, through innovative technology and ideas based on collaboration.

BTDConstruct & Ambient SRL BTDConstruct & Ambient SRL
BTDConstruct & Ambient SRL
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